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Quick Update

Last week we hit a number of big milestones. The house has new ductwork, is completely insulated, and the crawlspace encapsulation is almost finished. Mitch Sosebee with Sosebee Services replaced all of the ductwork on the heating and cooling system. The old system was poorly installed and incredibly filthy, but is now in good shape. I’ll publish a detailed post about that process soon.

The house is also insulated! I’m not going to lie, it was beginning to feel like this day would never come. We’re using spray polyurethane foam (SPF) insulation along the roofline, exterior walls, and crawlspace walls. The spray foam is from Premium Spray Products and was installed by Advanced Energy Insulation (AEI). GreenShortz is producing a short video about the spray foam, which should be online soon.

Tom Mills with GreenShortz interviews Moody Ozier with Premium Spray Products.

Tom Mills with GreenShortz interviews Moody Ozier with Premium Spray Products.

In preparation for the insulation, I finished cleaning out the crawlspace and installed the new liner around the perimeter. It took more hours and trash bags of debris than I’d like to think about, but it’s done! I’m using a pretty sturdy 10 mil reinforced polyethylene liner. At this time, I opted to only install it around the perimeter since we’re using spray polyurethane foam (SPF) insulation on the foundation walls. The perimeter liner runs up the wall 1 to 2 feet and out over the earth 1 to 2 feet. This will give me plenty of room to overlap the sections of liner and make sure it’s well sealed. The spray foam will seal the liner to the wall. I’m installing the rest of the liner later to protect it from the normal wear and tear of contractors crawling around.

Up next is finishing the crawlspace encapsulation, installing the Ultra-Aire dehumidifier, and installing the new drywall. It’s quickly starting to look like a house again!

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