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Certified EarthCraft Platinum!

An essential component of the renovation process was obtaining green building certification with third party verification. From the start, I wanted to practice what my company preaches to our clients – incorporating green into all decisions from design through construction and ultimately occupancy. We tested the ductwork and envelope multiple times to maximize building performance. Today I’m pleased to announce that the Green on Gift home was awarded EarthCraft Platinum certification with one of the highest point totals in the program’s history!

EarthCraft Renovation Certificate _478 Gift Ave

Southface, an Atlanta-based environmental nonprofit, and the Greater Atlanta Home Builders jointly developed the EarthCraft program 15 years ago. Since then, over 30,000 multifamily units and homes have been certified across the southeast. While there are numerous green building certification options available, the EarthCraft renovation program is by far the most robust and flexible option for builders; and as a former Southfacer, it felt good to support the program.

EarthCraft certification is based on meeting a handful of minimum requirements and awarding points for implementing voluntary measures. The total number of required points varies based on home size and certification level (Certified, Gold, and Platinum). A home under 2,500 square feet must have 75 points for certification, 100 for Gold, and 125 points for Platinum. The Green on Gift home earned 218 points! The certificate above shows where we were able to maximize points. Our goal was to reduce energy and water consumption while addressing moisture problems and improving indoor air quality. Throughout the process we took a common sense approach, and the final product reflects that. Here is how we did it:

Category What We Did
Site Planning Sustainable location near businesses, green space, and public transit
Construction Waste Management Salvaged as many materials as possible for reuse
Resource Efficiency Chose sustainable cabinet material and no tropical wood
Durability & Moisture Management Enclosed the crawlspace and installed a dehumidifier
Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Installed hard-wired CO detectors, high-efficiency HVAC filter, no- or low-VOC paints and finishes, no carpet, no urea-formaldehyde wood products, and replaced chimney damper
High Performance Building Envelope Performed extensive air sealing, installed spray polyurethane foam insulation on the walls and roofline, and replaced windows and doors
Energy Efficient Systems Installed programmable thermostat, ENERGY STAR bath exhaust fans, ENERGY STAR kitchen and laundry appliances, kitchen exhaust ducted to outside, ERV fresh air system, LED and CFL light bulbs, and replaced all ductwork
Water Efficiency Installed ENERGY STAR clothes washer and WaterSense certified low-flow faucets, showerheads, and toilets.
Education & Operations Subcontractors provided copies of the EarthCraft Worksheet and project is marketing the EarthCraft program

We’re now preparing to embark on the 2nd phase of the renovation – landscaping! There will no doubt be more opportunities for points, but we’re obviously pleased with the current score.

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  1. KUDOS TO YOU! Abe, this is fantastic! I know you worked so hard to make it happen. We can’t wait to see it.

    Liked by 1 person

    March 30, 2016

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