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So What’s The Plan?

The Green on Gift home is an 840 square foot bungalow in the Ormewood Park neighborhood of Atlanta, GA. When originally built in the 1940s the house had 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, and a small porch. At some point the porch was enclosed and used as a storage room. Incidentally, that renovation kept the window to the second bedroom and the original exterior door. Below is the floor plan of the house pre-renovation.

Pre-renovation floor plans ("as-built" drawings).

Pre-renovation floor plans (“as-built” drawings).

The energy efficiency of the home will be drastically improved by insulating the roofline, crawlspace, and exterior walls. The house also has serious water management issues (bulk water intrusion in the crawlspace and exterior walls), which will be corrected. The kitchen and bathroom will be gutted. We’re converting the porch into a second bathroom/laundry room. Some doorways and closets will shift around, but otherwise the changes are mostly cosmetic. See below for the proposed renovation plan:

The proposed renovation plan.

The proposed renovation plan.

The long term plan includes landscaping upgrades as well as enlarging the front porch.

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